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Booking procedure - Deposit and Contract

When everything has been cleared by e-mail with us, and the content of "The rates, availability and booking" section is clear, in order to confirm your stay, please fill in the Booking Request form.
In a short time you will receive a Confirmation Note and the ready-to-sign Contract. You will send it back to us using fax or, if you prefer, snail mail or sending us a scanned copy as attachment to an email message. Within a few days, to secure your reservation you have to pay a 30% Deposit or the Total Rental Amount if booking within 6 weeks of rental. After your confirmation through the booking form we will consider no more available for any other guest your desired period even if the payment procedure could take some days. We both will keep under control the procedure by e-mail.
In any case your stay will be secured only on receipt of the Deposit and Contract signed and we cannot give you the key of the studio apartment if the Total Rental Amount has not been completely paid and received.

We will send a receipt note of the payment and normally at this point you will have received further details and arrival instructions. We will notify any outstanding balance to pay in cash on arrival.
After the Total Rental Amount has been entirely paid, keys will be handed over on arrival. In any case don't worry we will arrange everything by e-mail before your arrival. In the same way, we will arrange the way to drop-off the key on departure. The rental amount covers a stay from 15:30 on the day you arrive but we may arrange the exact time especially if you are going to come by train or plane. Your stay ends at 10:45 on the morning you leave.

Payment method
The best way to pay the required deposit is via credit card: we have an account on In this case you will be able to pay directly on-line. They will show you the current exchange rate and the equivalent amount in your Primary Currency. When you pay, they will handle the conversion for you. Paypal is a secure system for transferring funds that is owned by eBay and is used by millions in the world. Learn more at it's just a few clicks. Like doing a bank wire transfer only faster. You may pay also mailing a cheque in Euro or in your own currency, or with a bank transfer order from your bank (*). If you have decided to pay in a different currency from Euro, when we reply to your Booking Request we convert into your currency the Total Rental Amount reported in Euro. In this way, the formulated price is once for all the price of the agreement and there will not be other problems with exchange rate fluctuations (conventionally used the "maximum price" referred to Only for payments via mailed checks and non SEPA bank tranfer orders we ought to increase the rental amount by 5% to cover the bank charges. Credit card payments need no extra fees. If eveything is cleared with the dates, the home facilities offered, and you have decided to spend part of your holiday in Ca' di Vale, please click the button below: you will see the Booking Request form to fill in. At the end, submitting, you will confirm the Booking Request, and in a few hours we will send you an e-mail message with the exact price calculated, the complete data, bank details and an attached Contract with your data, ready to print on paper.
(*): We reserve to accept your currency depending on the possibility of our bank to exchange it.
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