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May we contact you by phone?
We speak an understandable English, we just require you to speak very slowly, using simple and clear words.
We ask you to contact us by e-mail: it is the easiest way to correspond at you questions. If you want to speak directly by phone this is possible but not advisable for our first contact or for setting any agreement. Anyway if you want you can ask us our phone numbers. At the time of your stay you will have all the phone numbers necessary to have any type of assistance.
Which is your refund policy in case of cancellation?  

We can not refund the deposit paid if you are going to cancel the reservation. We can not refund the entire amount paid in case of cancellation within six weeks. Anyway in such cases we try to have a friendly approach trying to give the opportunity to recover the amount paid according a further reservation during low season periods in one of the two units we rent in Florence. We will refund all money paid if something as a result of force majeure or any other occurrence outside our control shall oblige us to cancel our agreement. You will be responsible for informing us of any complaint and allowing us a reasonable opportunity to remedy the problem during the rental period; failure to do so will void any claim following the rental period. Occasional problems to Internet connection or other technical appliances do not constitute an adequate cause for a refund.
To prevent any scam, exceeding amount erroneously paid shall not be returned without due warrants.

Can you give us some services during the stay?  


We are sorry but we can not offer you any type of direct personal service (as room service, cleanings, catering etc). We are not a commercial tourist entity like a hotel or a bed and breakfast. We rent Renzo Apartment and Magenta Apartment in accordance with article 1571 and following ones of Italian Civil Code, where the by-the-owner tourist rentals are contemplated.
You will find the apartment clean and tidy and linen and towels will be available as the whole housing equipment. You are required to leave the apartment clean and tidy as you found it and no extra fee is required for final cleanings. Weekly maid service may be requested and paid directly by the guests.
What can you do in case of an emergency?
We are not organized to give you a prompt solution in case of emergency and for this reason we strongly recommend to purchase a trip insurance before your arrival. This can also be useful in those cases prohibiting the departure from your home (a classic feared event in every family: the last minute fever of a child). For any problem arising on the use of the apartment you have just to contact Paolo and leave him a reasonable time to solve it.
Which is exactly the housing equipment we are going to find?


We tried to furnish the apartment with all the usual household items you may normally find in an Italian home.
The kitchen is well equipped to prepare any kind of meal with a four-ring stove. Mind the fridge has an ice compartment smaller than the American standard. There is a washing machine but not a dryer machine: in Italy we do not use such a machine; clothes must be put on the line for drying. There is an autonomous heating machine so it is possible to choose the desired temperature. There is a tv set (Italian channels), an hair-dryer, devices for different voltage (110V to Italian standard), electronic devices for avoiding mosquitoes. There is not the telephone. On demand we can activate an unlimited WIFI connection. The bathroom is equipped with wc, bidet, basin, tub/bath (for one person) where is possible to stand and take a normal shower with the help of a tent.

Are there mosquitoes?

Yes. There are mosquitoes, especially in late summer. This happens particularly in Magenta Apartment, rather than in Renzo's Apartment as the first is located at the ground floor with a nice exclusive garden which is unfortunately a particular attractive place for mosquitoes. We can honestly say every year we activate all the possible prevention and we supply the apartment with Liquid Plug-in Electrodiffusers and scented coils for our guests. Please consider the problem is absolutely general in all the great historic towns of Italy. The temperature increase, caused by excess of greenhouse gases and the constant and frequent travelling caused the expansion of some mosquitoes areales. Itís the case of the Aedes Albopictus which colonized almost all territories of Italy. Please be aware that the difference between us and the other alternative places you can find is the sole fact we honestly declare there are mosquitoes and others rarely do it!


What can we do if the keys do not arrive in time to our address?


As said in our "How renting works" section of this website, we are used to send a set of keys by postal service far in advance to the addresses of our guests. Sometimes it may happen that the time of departure arrives before the keys delivery. Actually we never left any of our guests seated outside the door... just keep the contacts with Paolo, leaving him a reasonable time to arrange an alternative handing over of the keys. It's up to your courtesy to send us the keys back on return.  
How can I get more information about your rentals, your activity?

Paolo's Facebook page collects many people who have appreciated our rental service; you can visit it and ask friendship if you are interested to maintain the contact with him or just a window on our rental issues. Paolo's blog "Archirent News" is also a place you can visit and get information about topics of the managed properties. We are proud to offer a positive vision of tourist rental. Administrating apartments is not our sole profession but the way to allow us to maintain our familiar properties offering also a serious professional service to third parts. More info in the section: "About us, our vision".

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Will we meet in person once in Italy?


Normally this will not happen: we are often busy and Paolo comes to Florence just to supervise the apartments or for emergencies but consider we delight to meet our guests in our home in Bologna, one hour train from Florence, so if you think to visit Bologna, please contact us: accordingly with our other working tasks, we may find a little time for having a chat, an ice-cream or even a lunch together.
You require us to send a fax. What can we do if we have not a fax machine?
To finalize the booking process we require to have the contract signed back to us. Normally the fastest way is using a fax machine but if you a have difficulties to find such type of machine you may scan the signed printouts of the contract and send them as attachments by email. If you are booking far in advance you may also put the signed printout into an envelope and post it to our address by snail mail; in this this case you have to let us know it as the delivery takes normally some days.
  We would like to pay the balance on arrival, is it possible?
  Actually not. Normally no one will be at the apartment on the day of your arrival and we can post the keys to your address only after the entire rental amount has been paid. So we require the full payment six weeks from arrival. In the case of last minute deals we are ready to consider any particular arrangements for ensuring you a prompt delivery of the keys before your departure from home or directly at the apartment when you arrive. For these reasons late minute deals are for us more expensive and some extra fees may be applied. Due to our organisation last minute deals don't represent a reason for offering a discounted price.  
  Is there a parking place?
Yes. We have a parking place for one car in the private alley. We apply an extra daily fee and you have to ask for it in advance, better at the moment of the booking as we share it with our other apartment and it may occur it is not available for the required period. The car is absolutely not necessary if your aim in mind is to visit just the historic town of Florence. A car may be useful if you plan a visit in some of the marvellous little historic towns in the Tuscan countryside (as Vinci, San Giminiano, etc.). Prices shown in this website do not include the parking benefit. Any quote you'll get from us will not iclude the parking place fee if not expressly requested.
  If we rent both apartments, can we use the garden for dining all together?
The possibility depends by the total number of people of your group: the acceptable maximum number is five-six people staying quietly al fresco in the garden. In any case all users of the garden must have the awareness of being amongst other apartments in a dense urban area. A social gathering composed by a higher number might be mistaken for a garden party and this is not acceptable. A numerous family gathering or social gathering may be endured just for Christmas and New Year's Eve.


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