Ten good reasons for choosing Nati's House

Nati's House - Small apartment in Venice
Nati's House is perfectly located in a lively district of Venice. A bit far from the beaten tourist tracks but close to shops, restaurants and services. A few minutes from the railway station, from the main vaporetto stops, and very close to the arrival dock of the Alilaguna boat service from/to the airport. Please login the reserved area in "The house" section of this site to see our map with the exact location and all the nearby attactions and facilities we suggest.

The service. We are proud to offer a positive view of tourist rental with a serious approach which cares the quality of the service. You will have a regular "booking contract" to make all things clear for you and for us. We have a standard procedure for making the reservations and the payments smooth processes. Payments are easily done by credit card through a secured on line procedure. We offer quality but also a friendly approach: for us the rental activity is a true pleasure: Paolo likes to say he maintains an opened window on the world through this familiar business. It is a way to get to know other people and cultures. Everywhere we travelled we found kindness and enthusiasm. We would like to offer you exactly what we expect from other people.

Smooth arrival procedure. Keys are delivered directly to the guest's address. In a reserved area of this site there are all the maps, policies, tips and suggestions we have prepared for your stay.
The internet connection and a mobile phone are two facilities offered to the guests in Nati’s House. WIFI is anyway an option and it has a daily extra cost of 5.00 Euro/day.. For more details please click here

Equipment. Nati's House is a small flat but we tried to provide any type of comfort and find a place for everything: a complete cooking equipment for the use of the four ring stove, an oven, a washing machine, a fridge, an iron, a hairdryer, a set of devices for different voltage, numerous novel books and tourist guides in English, clean slippers for the comfort of your feet, a tv set, VHS with numerous Disney films, toys, a series of wellingtons for the acqua alta, fans, electronic devices against mosquitos, candles for your evenings, a bag on wheels for shopping.

Light and external view. More than 50% of the flats in Venice suffer of lack of lighting: many beautiful charming places face narrow streets (calli) with the consequence artificial light is needed all the day long. Nati's House has wide windows facing wide open spaces. Its tiny balcony hangs over a quiet and pictoresque canal, so the sunlight is constantly pervading its rooms.
It's not a humid place. Nati's House is safely located at the first floor. It is the perfect place for elder people: close to the main transport systems and just a flight of stairs from the ground level. Distrust flats located at the ground floor: the sea floods the streets and all the ground level environments very frequently.

Charming furniture. Nati's House shows on its walls many interesting pictures and some original quite antique pieces of furniture.

Safety place. Maybe not all people know that quite often some canals in Venice smell bad, due to the fact Venice has not an adequate city sewer system yet. It can happen to be in a very expensive five star suit of a prestigious hotel, sipping a Champagne, and in the same time being surrounded by a persistent stench. This can't happen at Nati's House: Cannaregio has its own city sewer recently built by the Municipality.
Nati's House is special for artists. Since 2003 many artists chose Nati's House for their permanence in Venice: we had the honour to have architects, novelists, painters, cartoonists, engravers, musicians.