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The Venetian neighborhood
When in our house you will be in the heart of the lively district of Cannaregio, where the popular culture of Venice is still alive and where restaurants and "osterias" (pubs) are still for Venetians (and for the few lucky tourists who go off the beaten track for a minute or two). You will be 4 minute walk from the boat service ("vaporetto"), 10 minutes from the railway station and ten minutes from Rialto, maybe less with the "gondola" shuttle. Nearby there is the open market with vegetables and, of course, fish. (paolo is an excellent coos: you can see here Paolo's step-by-step fish recipes). Little by little we have discovered some "trattorias" where quality is the first goal and where you can spend considerably less than in the tourist fast food restaurants. We will tell you how to find the best "Gianduiotto", a special ice-cream, to taste it just sitting overlooking the Lagoon.
We really believe that, when travelling abroad, it is fundamental to sample the true Spirit of a place, not only what the tourist machine wants to show you, but that special feeling that inhabits every single place, the "Genius Loci" as Norbert Schultz once wrote.
Ask us if you have some particular interest: we will arrange to find out any information. We can help our guests in a friendly way, if possible.
An outline of the history:
The nearby Cannaregio Canal, the popular antagonist of the more famous Canal Grande.
The market
A two-minute walk brings you to the seatment overlooking the Lagoon, where it's nice to take a short rest on the benches.

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