Paolo Devescovi      


Free lance architect since 1990. He has been working for private commitments in Bologna, Italy. He worked as associate architect with Emilio Ambasz & Ass. - New York at many important architectural projects as a 600,000 square foot office complex in Hilversum, a new 5-hectare park plus another 5 hectares of existing land for residential construction in Montecarlo, some other projects in Italy: a new marina in Bellaria, the master plan of the coastal area in Barletta (Apulia) and recently a luxury SPA-hotel up the mountains of the New York State (Highmount - Catskill Park).
Since 1991 he is in partnership with Giulia Landriscina (who is also his beloved wife) and actively worked, sharing the working spaces of his office in Bologna, with the colleagues Anastasio Kiumurgis and Carlotta Lo Verde.
Since 2002 he integrates the professional services with the rental activity held on©
From 2005 he is also art teacher in public school.
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Paolo Devescovi, Giulia Landriscina Architetti Associati - Via Saragozza 41, 40123 Bologna Italy
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