Tourist rentals in centre of Bologna



May we contact you by phone?
We ask you to contact us by e-mail: it is the easiest way to correspond at your questions. If you want to speak directly by phone this is possible but not advisable for our first contact or for setting any agreement. Anyway if you want, you can ask us our phone numbers. At the time of your stay you will have all the phone numbers necessary to have any type of assistance.
Which is your refund policy in case of cancellation?  

100% refund for cancellations more than 60 days before check-in date.
All cancellations must be in writing and become effective on the date of receipt by the owner.
To prevent scams and deceptions, any amount to be reimbursed due to cancellations by the client or due to erroneously paid amounts, will not be directly refunded. In such cases the client has the right to obtain a bonus to the value of the corresponding amount to be used within a year for an equivalent stay in the property. If the bonus is not applied, the client and the owner may agree upon a reimbursement with due warranty. Any suspect scamming behaviour will be noticed to the postal inspectors. The sum is retained without application of statutory interest. We will refund all money paid if something as a result of force majeure or any other occurrence outside our control shall oblige us to cancel our agreement.
To prevent any scam, exceeding amount erroneously paid shall not be returned without due warrants.

Can you give us some services during the stay?  


We are sorry but we can not offer organized direct personal services (as room service, catering, taxi service from/to airport, etc). We are not a commercial tourist entity like a hotel.
You will find the apartment clean and tidy and linen and towels will be available as the whole housing equipment. The client is responsible for ensuring the property is left in a reasonable condition of cleanliness and in the same condition of repair as upon arrival. In this case, the necessary final cleanings can be considered included in the contractual price.
What can you do in case of an emergency?
We are not organized to give you a prompt solution in case of emergency and for this reason we strongly recommend to purchase a trip insurance before your arrival. This can also be useful in those cases prohibiting the departure from your home. For any problem arising on the use of the apartment you have just to contact us, by phone. You will be responsible for informing us of any complaint and allowing us a reasonable opportunity to remedy the problem during the rental period; failure to do so will void any claim following the rental period. Occasional problems to Internet connection or other technical appliances do not constitute an adequate cause for a refund.
Which is exactly the housing equipment we are going to find?


We tried to furnish the apartment with all the usual household items you may normally find in an Italian home. The kitchen is well equipped to prepare any kind of meal with a four-ring stove. There is a tv set (Italian channels), an hair-dryer. The bathroom is equipped with wc, bidet, washbasin, bath/tub (standing shower with a tent enclosure).

How can I get more information about your rentals, your activity?

Paolo's Facebook page collects many people who have appreciated our rental service; you can visit it and ask friendship if you are interested to maintain the contact with him or just a window on our rental issues. Paolo's blog "Archirent News" is also a place you can visit and get information about topics of the managed properties. We are proud to offer a positive vision of tourist rental. Administrating apartments is not our sole profession but the way to allow us to maintain our properties offering also a serious professional service to third parts. More info in the section: "About us, our vision".

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Is a Security Deposit required?

We require a Security Deposit (200.00 Euro) in order to protect our property from any potential damages. The property furniture include many antiques. All visitors are held to handle furniture with care, and in particular to care children’s well behavior in order to prevent unpleasant situations. As you can imagine, damages might be higher in certain cases: all items into the apartment are to be considered very precious items. As further security measure, we require the client to approve in writing an inventory of all items which are present into the property. The client is warmly invited to check the detailed list we shall provide and approve it on arrival.

  In some commercial websites your prices seem lower. Is it correct?

It’s our policy to maintain the same prices in all our online advertisements.
The price, based on short stays, that you are going to pay using this website is approximately the same that you have to pay at the end of the booking in all other commercial websites advertising our property (actually they show formerly a lower price but suddenly the total grows as you proceed with the checkout procedure!). The higher price you can see in this website takes into account this factor. We went to great lengths to achieve this result. Differences anyway may still exist though - positive or negative - they are really minimal (a few euros due to the VAT policies, variability of currency rates and other factors).
In case of last minute deals, we are ready to consider any particular arrangement for ensuring you the stay. For these reasons late minute deals are more expensive and some extra fees may be applied. Due to our organisation, last minute deals don't represent a reason for offering a discounted price.

  Is there a parking place?
We have not a private parking place; anyway we will help to find a garage. The car is absolutely not necessary if your aim in mind is to visit just the historic town of Bologna. A car may be useful if you plan a visit in some of the marvellous historic towns in the Emilia Romagna or its beautiful countryside. Symphony 12 is centrally located and just round the corner buses stop and by bus you can go almost everywhere in town.
  Is the apartment wheelchair accessible?
There are no problems for wheelchairs to enter the building and to use any part of the apartment. Anyway ask detailed information about the elevator measures before booking: You will judge if it can be suitable for your case. The bathroom is equipped with a 30-Inch flip-up bathroom grab bar.


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