Tourist rentals in centre of Bologna

We rent this studio apartment in Bologna for short tourist stays. Our apartment is located in the wonderful Piazza Aldrovandi. It is the perfect solution for living and discovering Bologna away from conventional tourism, in the most authentic way. The familiar history of the owners permeates every corner of this apartment with several pieces of original antique furniture and paintings dating back to Renaissance or Baroque periods such as the two large canvases between the main windows of the living room and the two portraits which reveals the influence of some Flemish painter. Over the fireplace you will enjoy a splendid terracotta tondo by the school of Della Robbia with its typical tinted tin-enamel glazes. At the sides two wooden candleholders give a touch of Roman Baroque. The delicate ceramic framework of the fireplace gives visual force at its sides to a couple of wonderful pieces of furniture: a table console dating back to 1700 and a chest of drawers by early 1800. In the same living room you will enjoy also other important antique pieces of furniture as another chest of drawers, a perfectly preserved Renaissance chest, a slant-front desk whose panel, when closed, conceals a network of cubbies and drawers used for organizing paperwork and writing supplies, a round table fitting six chairs, various armchairs in front of the fireplace to rest in. Two Jackson Pollock-like canvases of the 1960s create a sort of contrast between different cultural epochs. In the living room there is also a Steinbeck piano.
Into the studio you can rest on an original Wassily’s chair (1925) by the German designer and architect Marcel Breuer. The design reflects the principles of the Bauhaus school where Breuer worked in his early years. This masterpiece was the first designed piece of furniture to incorporate leather with tubular steel. There is also an original desk as well as a bed manufactured in the late 1950s by Gavina Group. After the War years, Dino Gavina picked up the license for many design items and he got to know the owners of the apartment. The flat has a wide living room with a sofa bed, a kitchen, two bathrooms, one bedroom with a double bed and a studio furnished with desk and two single beds. The flat is so able to accommodate up to 5 people._

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    A details of one of the two large canvases between the main windows of the living room    
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The apartment's plan. The furniture layout may slightly change without notice.
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