Satisfactory service to people owning a second-home in a tourist place.

In early 2002 the stock exchange crisis caused by the disaster of the twin towers, spread over the world. In that occasion I saw my little familiar savings eroded considerably. So I and my wife Giulia decided to buy a little flat in Venice (Nati's House): "the brick" has always been considered a safe investment in Italy! We are both architects and surely we can take care of buildings better than care of money left into the maelstrom of the stock exchange. Since then, the rental activity, held through the web, became an important familiar activity, for me in particular. As freelance architect I soon acquired clients who expressly wanted to restore or refurbish their houses for doing the same rental activity I was managing for my new Venetian place. The winning mentality was to match the know-how acquired in the field of tourist rentals and the specific competences of my profession of architect. The whole has been dressed by an enthusiastic approach to the possibilities offered by the Internet. Some clients decided to manage the rentals setting up their own business, others ended up commissioning me to administrate their properties as a natural consequence of the original appointment as I was simply taking care of their cases as if they were mine. I am not an agent but an administrator. The list of properties you find in the home page of this web site is the actual result of this process and includes some of my familiar private places (Nati's House, Trullo della Luna) and other places whose owners gave me the administration. I am now able to give a complete consulting service to anyone with an undervalued place and the desire of having an income from it. Not secondarily the rental activity gives to the property a renewed vitality and maintenance is always kept updated. Normally a second home is used for personal purposes just for a few weeks every year and a tourist rental activity might help keeping the place under control for the rest of the year.

Advisory service for buying and holding a property in Italy.

99% of the© guests are from the Anglo-Saxon word or from other countries of Old Europe. As I personally care the relationships with all guests, I gained a great experience on the requirements of the market. For this reason, my office is open to consider also appointments from abroad, from all those people desiring to find a piece of history in Italy and then buy and restore it as a good investment for their lives. Many foreigners are now appreciating the beauty of our Country and invest funds in the emerging tourist areas. Many of these areas are expected to become really soon as famous as Chianti or Cinque Terre became for British. One emblematic case is the Trulli area in Apulia. In 2006 my wife and I bought a trullo in Apulia and transformed it in a residence-villa for us, our friends and other guests who likely have appreciated our intense and enthusiastic rental activity. Trullo della Luna is now one of the offered places in© list and the process to reach that goal was an important occasion of acquiring an important know-how. Read more about this issue. So feel free to contact me if you are interested.

The philosophy: "I keep lots of candles standing up on lit in the wind".

My motto reflects the desire of having a versatile life. Actually I have to share all these rental activities also with teaching at school: I am an art and drawing professor. Nonetheless I like to personally retail the necessary time everyday for responding to all enquiries and care all the relational aspects of the rentals. It is maybe the more gratifying experience of all the rental activity and I like to call it "my open window facing the world"; a way to meet interesting people and to acquire new friends.
Of course I have a lot of defects, the worst indeed seems a quality: I barely delegate liabilities to third parts. This implies that I count only on few trustable people (my firm never arose to a great competitive role) and for this reason, for my architectural appointments, I need time and allowance: this aspect reflects inevitably its weight on the bills. Another consequence is that I ought to put a limit to the number of commissions I can take.

The© web site

the beginning Archirent© was just the name of the web dominium, now it is also the brand name of the whole rental activity. Each rental unit has a different section inside the web site frame; currently each section has a different design as the web site grew up through sedimentation of acquisitions. In all cases, in each section you will find three important pages: the rates and availability page, the instructions for booking and the automatic form for requesting a booking. For each unit I tried to give a personal introduction where the main attractions and highlights of the zone are pointed out. All prices are clearly shown and are fixed for all other third part advertisements related to the units of this collection of rental places: I do not use agencies for advertising the places or, if sometimes it happens, I do want their fees and commissions to be expressly displayed aside my habitual prices.
A privileged page (usually in printable pdf format) is dedicated only to confirmed guests, where all the tips and instructions are collected to make smooth the occupation and use of the unit.

The Guests

Guests have been always fantastic! I had never had to quarrel with anyone: during all these years of rental administration I met a lot of interesting people. Before defining all things for the rental day I normally have an intense correspondence by email and thus I have the occasion to know many details of my guests' lives. With many of them I still preserve a precious thread kept alive through email or through my Facebook page. Most of my Facebook friends have a common experience in some of my rental places: browsing my page may be a trustable way to acquire referrals about me and my activity. If you reached this line at the bottom of a long explanation, you are probably interested in my rental activity. Don't hesitate to share friendship on Facebook (or email me). I am going to improve soon the number of rental units and so you will be able to have updated information for your next trips. Just click, ask for friendship and leave some lines to introduce yourself and your specific interests. Another way to have always updated information is to keep an eye to my personal blog: "Archirent News" (link below).

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